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Work Gathering Tips

1.- When socializing at a work party, it is best to hold my glass in which hand?

It is best to hold your drink in your left hand so that your right hand is free for shaking hands, eliminating the need to switch hands at the last minute. It also prevents you from offering a wet handshake due to the condensation from the glass.

2.- When at meetings at which people are wearing name tags, the best place to put my name tag is where?

Officially, you should place your name tag on your right shoulder because during the handshake (using your right hand), the other person’s eyes naturally follow your right arm up to your head to make eye contact, allowing time to slip another look at your name on your name tag. However, in practice, most people wear theirs on the left side.

By Claudia T. Marroquin


Reminders For Your Interview

  • Do some research on the business prior to your interview.
  • Practice interviewing.
  • Go alone. Don’t take your spouse, children or friends.
  • Greet the employer with a handshake.
  • Make frequent eye contact.
  • Smile, be polite, and try to relax.
  • Listen carefully to the questions asked. Ask the interviewer to restate a question if you are confused.
  • Answer questions as directly as possible.
  • Be upbeat and make positive statements.
  • Talk about what you learned from your previous job experiences.
  • Use examples of how your skills and abilities would fit the job.
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