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April 21, 2016 0

6 Tips for a Successful Phone Interview

Congratulations!  You have a phone interview schedule for this week with a top company in your field.  This is an important step in the interview process and you want to ace it.  With so much on the line, how do you impress the hiring manager?


Here are 6 steps to help you succeed during your phone interview:

  1. Be prepared

Doing your research on a potential employer before an interview is going to make the whole process easier.  First, visit the prospective company’s website.  You should review their mission statement, “about us” page, and solutions pages.  This will help you to understand their business, how they do business and their long term goals as an organization.  Second, review the job description you received for the position.  This is an opportunity to relate your experience to the company’s goals, clients, and solutions.


  1. Eliminate distractions

During your phone interview, you want to have a clear conversation with the hiring manager without interruptions or background noise.  Make sure you are calling from a clear phone line.  Try and use a land line when possible.  If you are using a cell phone, make sure you have a good connection.  Finally, remove anything that can be a nuisance—a barking dog, loud television, etc.


  1. Have your paperwork and cheat sheet in front of you

Most of us have our job titles and companies memorized, but you may not remember the start date for a position 7 years ago.  A copy of your resume allows you to keep the dates straight and immediately answer any questions about names and employers when asked. Keeping your resume handy is also a good safety net.  Also, make sure you have a cheat sheet with you.  The cheat sheet can include information about you background you want to highlight and questions you’d like to ask.


  1. Listen more than you talk

Sometimes when we’re nervous or feel you need to impress someone, we talk more than we should. This phone interview is a chance for you to show how you listen and interact with your colleagues. Let the hiring manage guide the conversation, and try to ask questions without interrupting the hiring manager.  Make note of your questions on your cheat sheet, so you can ask them at the end of the interview.


  1. Ask Questions

Make sure you prepare questions for your phone interview.  Nothing impresses a hiring manager more than smart questions from an eager job candidate.


  1. Ask for the Job

Hiring managers like to know you are interested in the positon and want the job.  At the end of the interview, save some time to emphasize your interest in the position.  Be sure to clearly tell me hiring manger you would like the position.


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