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June 16, 2016 1

How to Determine the Best Job for You


You have been searching for a new role for a while and you now have multiple offers.  How do you choose the best job for you?


What are you priorities?  Make a list of your goals for the future?

Spend some time putting your personal goals and priorities on paper for the next 5 years. Seeing your goals will help you keep perspective and help you prioritize the characteristics for your next position. Everyone’s goals are different—maybe it’s to grow technically, or learn a new set of skills or make a certain amount of money. Once you determine what you want your life and career now and in % years, your decision should become clearer.

Do Some Research

Not all companies are created equal.  Go online and search the company reviews.  These reviews will give you a firsthand account of the culture and the company.  Reviews often include comments on salary, benefits, work/life balance and perks.  This will help you validate your impressions of the company and ensure you are informed about all aspects of the company.

Evaluate Total Compensation

It’s great to have multiple offers, but it is important to make sure you are comparing total compensation.  Most offers include salary plus benefits and perks.  Additionally, your offers may include commission or bonuses.  When you are comparing each offer, you should include these benefits, perks and bonus to compare ‘apples to apples’.  You can also research comparable pay rates and benefits online via review sites and salary surveys to ensure your offers are comparable to the IT market today.

Consider How You Will Feel About the Job after the First 90 Days

The position you are evaluating today can change and evolve within the company.  As you evaluate your offers, it’s important to consider what the job will look like in 90 days, in 1 year, in 5 years. Be sure to ask and understand how each employer sees the job changing over time. If you learn, the company expects your role to evolve into a management role, research the salaries for that management role. While compensation could be relatively equal today, consider where it could be after one or two promotions.

Get Some Advice

The interview process and evaluating several job offers can be stressful. Talk with someone you trust who knows you and understands your goals and your industry. That could be your spouse, a mentor or someone you trust. Sometimes talking about your choices with someone else can help you clarify  your decision.


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