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June 23, 2016 1

5 Tips Before Giving Up On Your Job Search


Weeks ago you started searching for a new job.  You looked through job board with enthusiasm and excitement.  However, after a few weeks you are left unmotivated and discouraged.

So how can you re-focus on your job search and become motivated to search for a job again?

1. Establish achievable goals

The hiring process is taking longer than ever. According to a Glassdoor study from 2015, the average length of the process in the United States is 22.9 days, which is up from 12.6 days in 2010.

Avoid the stress of a ticking clock, parental expectations, and bills by setting smaller goals for yourself that eventually lead to landing a job. Instead set deadlines for each week.  For example, set a deadline for updating your resume or set a goal to submit a certain number of job applications.

Reaching these smaller goals each week will make you more motivated, instead of dwelling on those external pressures.

2. Create structure

Motivation will allow you to see your job search as a fun challenge — an opportunity to find enjoyable work that aligns with your values. Setting a routine and structure for your job search is another way to stay driven.

3. Find your support system

Another key factor for a successful job search, especially when it is taking longer than you expected, is to surround yourself with people who motivate you.  Supportive family, friends, and mentors will help you stay focused.

You need these people in your corner to keep motivated.

4. Use tools you enjoy

Searching for a job doesn’t have to be boring. You can do it with tools you already use in your daily life, like Facebook and Twitter. Your social networks are full of people who know you and have friend that create a network. Don’t forget to leverage the connections you already have, on the platforms you’re already using.

5. Treat yourself

Don’t spend all of your free time focused on your job search or you will hit a wall. Treat yourself when you reach your smaller goals or land a second interview.

Celebrate the wins and soon you’ll be celebrating your new job!


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    July 4, 2016 at 10:36 pm

    Please keep thorniwg these posts up they help tons.

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