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July 7, 2016 0

The Biggest Mistake Candidate Make During an Interview

You worked hard to find a great job that fits your skills and experience.  You tailed you resume to best represent you and your background. Now you are schedule for an in person interview.  Don’t make the biggest mistake most candidate make during an interview…..they lack confidence!

An interview is a time to sell yourself. You need to spend the time creating a conversation about your experience, your successes, and your goals.  You want to give the interviewer the impression you can handle the job and you have the confidence to fit into the corporate culture and succeed.

Take some time, as you prepare for the interview, to prepare several points about each job in your career history. Highlight tough challenges and how you overcame them.  Use specific example and be sure to quantify your success.

Most importantly…remember to always make eye contact, smile and speak up!

Employers like confident people.  When you are confident in yourself, they will be confident in you.


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