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September 22, 2016 0

5 Work Habits That Are Hurting Your Chances of Promotion


It’s always hard to identify our own bad habit, especially in the workplace. There are 5 common bad work habits that can be solved relatively easily once you acknowledge them.

1. Mixing Work and Pleasure

Meeting a partner at work may seem like the best thing ever—until it isn’t. While dating a colleague doesn’t always turn out badly, things can turn bad quickly and immediately affect your work life.

2. Gossiping

Gossip often occurs in the workplace when morale is low. When people are unhappy at work, they want something to talk about other than their own dissatisfaction with their job. However gossiping at the watercooler can quickly make its way to your boss.   Constant gossiping can distract from your tasks and often result in lower moral.

3. Showing Up Late

Coming to work late sends a message that your job is not a priority for you. Depending on where you work and what the company culture is like, this can be a major problem.  When it comes to meetings, it’s particularly important to be punctual and respectful of other people’s time.

4. Complaining

It happens…it, sometimes you have to do things at work that are less than ideal, but complaining won’t actually fix anything.  Instead, constantly griping could make your coworkers see you as a negative person.

5. Being Too Chatty

Whether it’s chatting with your co-workers directly or using messaging apps or texts, chatting with your friends all day is a surefire way to make sure you’re not reaching your full potential at work.  If you’re always making small talk with your coworkers instead of actually getting work done, you lose a lot of time. Overtime your boss can also notice.



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