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November 17, 2016 0

5 Things That Will Cost You That Job


You have been searching for the right job and now you have the all-important in person interview scheduled.  In any interview there are things that can get you the job and things that will guarantee you don’t get the job.

Here you 5 things that will cost you that job every time:


  1. Inappropriate Dress

These days more and more companies are casual or business casual, so dressing for an interview can be tricky.  You should ask your recruiter or HR contract to ensure you are dressed properly. However, if you don’t know, make sure you dress more conservatively.  A dark suit and tie are always a good choice.

  1. Not Listening

We all do it…we are eager to impressed and don’t listen to the interviewer.  The best interviews are conversations.  To have a great conversation, you need to listen to the other person.

  1. Not Giving Examples of Your Experience

It is important to back up your experience with examples from your career.  Examples that include quantifiable or measurable results are the best.  These examples allow the interviewer to imagine your impact in their company.

  1. Bad Mouthing a Previous Employer

We have all had bad experiences at work, but sharing that experience can show make your prospective company think you are a complainer.  Instead, limit your explanations and remain positive.  People want to hire positive employees.

  1. Forgot to Ask For the Job

The most common mistake most people make during an interview is they don’t ask for the job.  At the end of the interview, be sure to tell the person interviewing you, how interested you are in the opportunity and that you would be eager to join the company.  This shows your interest level and tells the company you want this position.


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